2017-18 Schedule


The Philosophy Colloquium in English at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, is happy to present its schedule for the academic year 2017-18, which includes an international visiting speaker series with sixteen talks by foreign scholars. We meet every Friday from 16.40-18.10, at Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa 21/4, room 417. See Upcoming talk for information about our next event, and International Speaker Series for a full list of our visitors. Like our Facebook page for event invites and reminders.


Fall 2017 

Sept 8 – International Speaker Series – Sebastian Gardner (University College London): (Title to be announced)

Sept 15 – Alexander Sattar (HSE): “A Fichtean Perspective on Nietzsche’s Will to Power”

Sept 22 – Symposium: “Signs, Symbols, and Meaning”, organized by Tatiana Levina. Speakers: Tatiana Levina, Silver Bronzo, Diana Gasparyan, Aaron Wendland. Longer meeting: 16:40-19:30.

Sept 29 – Sean Winkler (HSE): “The Hessen-Grossmann Thesis and Lukács’s Reification Thesis – Prolegomena to a Study of the Mechanical Soul in Early Modernity”

Oct 6 – International Speaker Series – Anita Avramides (Oxford): “Knowing the Mind of Another”

Oct 13 – Jorge Luis Mendez-Martinez (HSE): “Vague Sounds? Acoustic properties and Sorites Paradoxes”

Oct 20 – International Speaker Series – Jason Stanley (Yale): (Title to be announced)

Nov 3 – International Speaker Series – Sean Dyde (Leeds): “The Struggle for Money: TR Malthus and the Philosophy of Capitalism”

Nov 10 – International Speaker Series – James Conant (Chicago): “Thomas Kuhn’s Attempt to Break His Own Frame”

Nov 17 –Ilya Guryanov (HSE): “Historical Reasoning in the Mirror of Political Theory: from Q. Skinner to P. Pettit”

Nov 24 – Brian McLoone (HSE): “Does Natural Selection Create, or Only Destroy?”

Dec 1 – International Speaker Series – Paolo Valore (Milan): (Title to be announced)

Dec 8 – Nadia Moro (HSE): “The formality of logic in Johann Friedrich Herbart’s philosophy”

Dec 15 – Angelina Dimitrieva (Moscow State): “Modern Discussions on Introspection of the Phenomenal I”


Spring 2018

Jan 19 – Roger Smith (independent): (Title to be announced)

Jan 26 – Silver Bronzo (HSE)“Propositional Complexity and the Frege-Geach Point”

Feb 2 – Stefan Hessbruggen (HSE): (Title to be announced)

Feb 9 – Ulrika Carlsson (HSE): (Title to be announced)

Feb 16 – Tatiana Levina (HSE): (Title to be announced)

Mar 2 – Aaron Wendland (HSE): “Saving Socrates from Plato”

Mar 9 – Alexei Gloukhov (HSE): (Title to be announced)

Mar 16 – International Speaker Series – Alex Davis (Tartu): “Speech Act Pluralism: Homeomerous or Radical?”

Mar 23 – International Speaker Series – Bill Child (Oxford): “The Use of ‘I’ as Subject and the Use of ‘I’ as Object”

Apr 6 – International Speaker Series – Matteo Falomi (Essex): “One More Good Deed Before I Die: Suicide and Moral Perfectionism in Rousseau’s Julie”

Apr 13 – International Speaker Series – Joseph Schear and Sophie Archer (Oxford): “Agency in Mind”

(Apr 20 and 27 – HSE Conference–no meetings)

May 11 – International Speaker SeriesPatricia Glazebrook (Washington State): (Title to be announced)

May 18 – International Speaker Series – Michael Della Rocca (Yale): “Kant and the PSR”

May 25 – International Speaker Series – Fred Neuhouser (Barnard): “Marx and Hegel on the Demands of Spiritual Life”

June 1 – International Speaker SeriesPiergiorgio Donatelli (Rome): “Democratic encounters: Wittgenstein, Cavell, and the Conditions of Political Community”

June 8 – International Speaker Series – Mark Kingwell (Toronto): “Boredom, Addiction, and the Interface: A Philosophical Critique”

June 15 – International Speaker Series – Jeff Noonan (Windsor): “Materialism and the Symbolic Dimension of Life: Meaning as Mattering”