Spring 2017 Schedule


The Philosophy Colloquium in English at HSE Moscow is happy to present its schedule for Spring 2017. We will meet every other Friday, 16.40-18.10, at Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa 21/4, room 417. See Upcoming talks for abstracts. Like our Facebook page for event invites and reminders.

Feb 3 Ulrika Carlsson (HSE) Love’s Natural Illusions
Feb 17 Vitaly Dolgorukov (HSE) Epistemic Taxonomy of Assertions
March 3 Silver Bronzo (HSE) Wittgenstein, Philosophy and Demystification
March 17 Nadia Moro (HSE) The Philosophical Relevance of Music Studies in the 19th Century
April 7 Peter Denis (LSE) What is Interpersonal Justification?
April 14 Stefan Hessbr├╝ggen-Walter (HSE) Metaphysics and Physics in the Preface to Kant’s *Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science*
April 21 Aaron Wendland (HSE) Authenticity, Truth, and Cultural Transformation: A Critical Reading of John Haugeland’s Heidegger
April 28 NO MEETING: HSE “Modes of Thinking” conference
May 12 Tudor Protopopescu (HSE) Intuitionistic Knowledge and Fallibilism
May 19 Annalisa Paese (Pittsburgh) It Is Not Silent and Dark Within: Murdoch, Wittgenstein, and the Inner Life
May 26 Nataliya Kanaeva (HSE) The Beginning of the Foundations of Theoretical Knowledge in India
June 9 Alexei Gloukhov (HSE) On the Concept of Common Language
June 16 Robert Simpson (Monash)

Constructive Intrinsic Valuation

June 23 Jorge Luis (HSE) Art for Sharks. From Additional Sense Modalities to Animal Aesthetics